Have you noticed a spike in sales for your convenient snack and meal items? Experts say, sales for convenience store meal items and quick-meal options have been increasing since 2014. This could be mostly due to the new generation headed into the workforce.

Millennials increasingly choose meals and snack items that allow them to save time during their day. Long lunches and sit-down restaurants are fading from the business world as this group of working people become more busy. The mindset that “food is fuel” is spreading rapidly, and choosing healthier, fresher options helps hardworking people with hectic schedules to stay energized. With the help of FreshOne Distribution Services, your products will appeal to this growing demographic!

Your convenience store customers’ schedules are busier than ever before. When they come in, they want fast-yet-healthy options readily available. Our team can make sure that happens. With our fleet of top line, temperature controlled vehicles, you can rest assured knowing that your fresh, nutritious, and convenient food items are available to fuel your busy customers.

This is the way of the future, so count on us! Give your customers the freshest “fuel” by providing the freshest items available. Deliveries made by FreshOne Distribution Services are made on time and arrive perfectly preserved. When hunger strikes this growing, on-the-go generation– be prepared, with the help of FreshOne!