When walking into a grocery store and grabbing a sandwich, not much thought goes into exactly how the sandwich got there. But, when I stop to actually think about it… how was it made, packaged, delivered and stocked fast enough for it to still be fresh and safe to eat? I stare down at the tuna sandwich in my hand as my mind begins imagining an “I Love Lucy” and her chocolate factory approach to making this sandwich and the others on the refrigerated shelf.

People in white uniforms line up as one slaps on the bread, the next slaps on the tuna salad, followed by another slapping on another piece of bread. The last person sticks it in a container and wraps it up quickly. He then hands it to the next pigeon the line of delivery pigeons, and watches him fly away to deliver this scrumptious little thing I now hold in my hand.

I shake my head as the fog begins to lift. This was, of course, a silly thought. Everyone knows that most products are made thanks to large factories and incredible pieces of machinery. But the delivery process… just how did this sandwich get here?

Well, this operation is a little better than a delivery pigeon. It is all thanks to FreshOne Distribution Services.

Now, while the days of “I Love Lucy” were grand ol’ days, we don’t necessarily want our food to be shipped like it was in the 50s and 60s, when food poisoning from stores was at the highest peak in history. In 1962, almost 25% of the food poisoning that occurred came from stores that sold food and caterers. Those numbers have drastically reduced over the years, but we want to help eliminate those numbers completely.

We need shipment options that are modern and effective.

FreshOne Distribution is proud to offer the latest technology advances to help food get to their final destinations as quickly as possible while staying cold, therefore safe, the entire time. Using the cutting-edge system, Telogis, we are able to keep track of where each truck is and the temperature inside the box. Customers can also access this information to ensure that the food they’re getting delivered is exactly where it needs to be! 98% of our shipments arrive on time.

It might be a little more exciting to have a pigeon deliver your products, but nothing can compare to the information you’ll have access to, and the assurance you’ll have that customers are receiving nothing but the best quality food. That is something we call customer satisfaction, for us and for you.