The Internet has done a lot for every industry worldwide. For the food industry, and more specifically the food distribution industry, the Internet is changing the game more every single day.

With the Internet, people are more connected to work than ever before. For most of us, work doesn’t end when we walk out of the office at five o’clock like it did at one time. Checking emails, answering phone calls, and brainstorming ideas for the next workday are all things that we can now do for our job outside of the office. This makes our home life, and life in general even busier. There’s a huge shortage of time to have quality time with the family, clean the house, and cook a meal. Because of this, more and more companies are creating ways to make that shortage of time a little more manageable.

Companies offering easy meals and ready-to-cook ingredients are becoming more and more prominent. From major corporations like Amazon to our FreshTake Family branch, a fresh meal is now just a click away. While it may seem like a simple process, what goes into ensuring those prepared meals and fresh ingredients are kept safe, is a tedious task.

It all begins with distance. How many miles will the food be traveling to its destination? This question then leads to deciding the proper vehicles and refrigeration equipment necessary to complete the delivery and have the food arrive just as fresh as it was when we placed it on the truck. At FreshOne Distribution, considering each location and preparing for different routes is of utmost importance.

If these fresh meals are not delivered in time, the purpose of having nutritious easy meals on hand will not be fulfilled. Therefore, at FreshOne Distribution, we strive to create and manage a process that is easy for our customers to purchase, track, and benefit from our services to the absolute fullest.

Recently, we integrated the Telogis system for fleet tracking, and you guessed it – it can all be done online with the help of the Internet. FreshOne Distribution abides by the highest of food safety standards. With the fleet tracking system, our customers can monitor the status of their order, which gives them peace of mind when it comes to the safety of their refrigerated and frozen food products throughout transport.

For nearly every industry, the Internet has also affected the way that companies communicate with their customers. Through social media and our website, FreshOne Distribution is able to update our followers and customers with information almost as fast as we receive it ourselves. When FreshOne Distribution heard the news of the thousands in turmoil due to Hurricane Harvey last month, we took to the road and loaded up our vehicles with supplies to help those in need. Through online updates and social media, we were able to know where there need was and gather our team to help out. 

With the desire for fresher, healthier food quickly, the food distribution industry has grown by leaps and bounds in the past few years, with no slowing down in the foreseeable future. FreshOne Distribution is excited to continue to grow as a major part of this industry and utilize all the Internet offers to connect more with our customers and provide the best services.