FreshOne Distribution Services proudly serves the East and Southeastern regions of the United States. One of our many goals looking forward however, is to expand and serve all regions nationally. Successful businesses never succeed by remaining stagnant, and not allowing for potential growth. While our goals to expand are on the forefront of our minds, our customer satisfaction has always been, and will always be, our first priority. We simply now look to satisfy a broader range of customers.

High Volume Markets

Currently, our high-volume markets include Boston, Massachusetts, the New England States, Newark and New York areas, Upstate New York, Scranton, Pennsylvania, Baltimore, Maryland, Chattanooga and Nashville, Tennessee, Atlanta, Georgia, Orlando, Tampa, and Jacksonville, Florida, Jackson, Mississippi, New Orleans, Louisiana, Dallas, and Temple, Texas. Headquartered in Texas, it was natural for us to grow out from our roots in the south. As the beginning of our service expansion took us east of home and north up the East Coast, FreshOne Distribution has made great strides on our own, and with our sister company, FreshOne, by allowing for such growth. The farther we can distribute product, the more our partnerships flourish. 

Service for All

While these great states mentioned above keep the FreshOne Distribution team busy, we realize that our services could also be greatly utilized across all the 48 lower United States. Our commitment to food safety is unmatched and it would be an honor to provide safe, fresh, and timely deliveries to more areas. While working around the clock delivering orders of fresh food, many of our orders are even delivered the same day. For our team, this means the condition of our refrigeration and cold chain, vehicles, and drivers are all in tip-top shape. The smoother we are running, the better service we can provide.

Speedy Solutions

Where there is a need, FreshOne Distribution has a solution. Once a new client contacts us to get started with our distribution services, our team has the ability to be fully operational in as little as thirty days from the finalized agreement. This means that within thirty days from signing on the dotted line, our temperature controlled trucks will be loaded and on their way to making your first delivery. With our intelligent fleet tracking system, if you have any questions along the way we are able to ensure that your order is arrives safely and on time.

From production to your warehouse or stores, utilize FreshOne Distribution Services for all of your logistics and distribution needs. Our vehicles are equipped to keep your products refrigerated or frozen at just the right temperature. When signing on with our services, the FreshOne Distribution team begins creating a customized solution for transporting your goods to their destination. By focusing on temperature and time, we ensure your products retain safety, quality, and maximum shelf life.

Accepting Applications

Right now, FreshOne Distribution Services is accepting applications from any and all of the 48 contiguous states. Our company strives to reach any client that may need our services. If your business would like to learn more about FreshOne Distribution and the solution we can create just for your unique needs, reach out. Our friendly customer service team is standing by to serve you at 844.4FRESh1 or (972) 532-6763. If email communication is easiest for you, please contact us at We look forward to hearing from you, and expanding far and wide across this great nation!