“Eat your veggies.” Surely we’ve all heard that line before! Vegetables and fruits are an incredibly important part of a healthy diet, and the nutrients they provide are essential to life. While fresh produce is necessary for our health, paying attention to the health of the produce, before consumption, is also paramount.

Whether the veggies or fruits of your choice is harvested from a tree, a shrub, or grown as a root, etc., all are gathering nutrients from the soil and water it encounters. Both water and soil may encounter contaminating bacteria or fungi. In the cases of many recalls, the soil or water used to grow the crop was in some way contaminated, ultimately affecting the health of the produce.

One way to prevent sickness from contaminated fruits and vegetables is to pay attention to your produce source. Be aware of recalls, and if you don’t know the origin of that cantaloupe or head of lettuce – instead, choose produce that explicitly states the source.

The transportation stage of getting vegetables and fruits from farm to table is also crucial in keeping produce healthy and safe enough to consume. Inaccurate or varying conditions of temperature increase opportunity for bacteria to establish.

When your produce is transported with FreshOne Distribution Services, we insist on delivering all produce in our care as promptly as possible, to keep nutrients at their peak. Temperature-controlled vehicles and knowledgeable drivers help ensure produce arrives in optimum condition, safe for consumption and ready to be enjoyed!

When fruits and veggies are healthy, so will be the consumer.