At FreshOne Distribution Services, our entire team is committed to adding value to your
business. From the very beginning, our parent company, FreshOne, has made bringing value to our clients part of the
mission. FreshOne Distribution Services is proud of the efficient way in which we serve our clients, and
we know how proud our clients are of their own businesses. That’s why we strive to transport
products in vehicles equipped with state-of-the-art technology, and make deliveries on-time. In trusting in us, the value of your business and the amazingly fresh products you provide to your customers are never compromised.

When your store is dedicated to providing the freshest options for customers, choose FreshOne
Distribution when looking for a partner that will deliver the freshest foods – on time. Timeliness is key to fresh food. A delayed delivery often results in risking food quality and safety of the products you offer to your customers. An extreme delay is apt to result in unnecessary food waste– A liability to shelve!

Food safety is our number one priority, which is why our fleet is prepared with the greatest
technology and equipment in food transportation. FreshOne Distribution has invested in the
Carrier Supra 950 Refrigeration Units for each of our vehicles to ensure the most accurate and
safe temperatures are maintained. The Telogis Tracking System gives our drivers the ability to monitor all cargo
throughout the duration of the transport. With our 24/7 response service, accurate deliveries are a
sure thing. From training our drivers and staff, to investing in the latest and best technologies, the value we put into our business transfers into the value you put into yours.

Now accepting service requests for the lower 48 states, FreshOne Distribution Services is committed to each of our current and future clients, and we’ll be dedicated to the value of your businesses, too. Continuing in the FreshOne mission in order to be the most trusted food service provider across the country, we are proud to be fulfilling the FreshOne Distribution Services promise of ensuring safety and quality of our clients’ fresh products, as well. In keeping of this promise, value is never lost. If you haven’t partnered with the FreshOne family yet, call us today! (972) 532-6763