Almost anyone who has worked a storefront knows the stress of workdays revolving around shipments. All too often, notification comes that a shipment will be arriving later than scheduled. Managers begin frantically rescheduling employees to ensure the appropriate number of people will be working when “Truck A” finally arrives. Later, when Truck A does arrive at its destination, Truck B is already in the loading dock, causing Truck A to wait until Truck B has finished unloading. Late shipments aren’t only an inconvenience to a business and its employees, but to the driver of the truck and his or her next scheduled stop as well!

Maybe Truck A actually did arrive on time! Your entire team was ready to meet the truck to help unload and organize the shipment, but it is taking longer than planned. Now, Truck B is waiting for Truck A to leave, and Truck B is running behind because Truck A is running behind.

These are perfect examples of why timeliness is of the utmost importance in the trucking and shipping industry.

  • Food stays fresher, leaving both businesses and customers satisfied with their products.
  • Businesses know exactly which employees need to be scheduled at which times.
  • All businesses on route will be ready to receive their shipment at their scheduled appointment times.
  • Ultimately, timeliness cuts out wasted time, money, and energy.

FreshOne Distribution is proud to solve many of the problems that come with tardy deliveries, mostly by eliminating the overdue deliveries completely. 98% of all shipments arrive on time with FreshOne Distribution. No hassle. No fuss.

Simply request a service here and we make it easy for you to trust that your shipment of food will arrive on time while kept in the safest environment.

Even better? You, as a business owner, can track your shipment with our advanced technology. We work hard to know as much as possible about each of our trucks while they’re out on delivery. You can view the ETA of the truck, the temperature in the box, and more. Whatever your shipment needs are, we work specifically with each customer to ensure that your food is being delivered in the exact environment it needs to be. We believe in our methods enough to let you watch right alongside us.


We are delighted of offer these cutting-edge services to you. Next time you order a shipment, remember that time is money, and FreshOne Distribution will respect your time while still delivering food safely. No employee’s time wasted. No scrambling to meet a delivery at a different time.

You order. We deliver on time. It’s as simple as that.