Twenty minutes. That is all it takes for food to begin growing harmful bacteria within the danger zone.

At FreshOne Distribution Services, we understand how crucial timing is when transporting perishable food items. From the moment these goods arrive in our care, our professional team is committed to the safety of those items. The danger zone for food is between 40 and 140 degrees, when bacteria can begin growing at rapid speeds.

Our Cold Chain process helps us ensure that the safest temperatures are maintained within our delivery fleet vehicles at all times. All of our vehicles we use for transporting perishable foods are equipped with the best in refrigeration technology. Before setting out for any delivery, whether it be around the corner or across the county, our drivers run checks to make certain that the cooling system within the vehicle is running properly.

So, why is it between 40 and 140 degrees that the risk for danger rises? Forty degrees is well enough above freezing for frozen goods to begin thawing quickly. Once thawing begins, the potential for bacteria to grow opens and timing becomes everything. Either thawing that item completely to be consumed shortly after, or cooking it to its recommended safe temperature is a must. Thawing and refreezing can be incredibly harmful.

At 70 degrees, room temperature is reached. Anything above this greatly increases the rate at which bacteria grows. Most foods are recommended to be cooked until the internal temperature reaches 165 degrees. Some foods can still be consumed safely at lesser temperatures but it isn’t until that 140 mark for most where the food is finally out of the danger zone.

When we think about it, often times food in our homes is left out at room temperature for longer periods of time than twenty minutes. Holiday parties where families set out heaps of food and appetizers and snack over several hours, can be hotspots for food bacteria. Food left out at room temperature, which is around 70 degrees, for more than two hours should be discarded. Next time you host a function, set food items out in phases and be sure to wrap up leftovers quickly after serving.

Play it safe with all foods and consistently check refrigerator and freezer temperatures in your own home to make sure your family is out of the danger zone! The FreshOne Distribution team insists on the absolute highest level of food safety for the items we handle. We are consumers of our product as well, and the safety of our clients and their customers is always our top priority.