Accuracy in storage temperatures and delivery timing are not the only factors that affect the quality and safety of transported food items. In addition to all measures taken by FreshOne Distribution Services to ensure the products we transport arrive as fresh as possible, the packaging process is one of the first steps in guaranteeing food safety.

When we load our fleet with products that consumers are counting on, we take on the responsibility of tracking each vehicle and documenting the cold chain throughout the delivery process. It is the responsibility of packaging manufactures to produce clean containers that will not only keep perishable items fresh, but also prevent contamination from harmful chemicals.

Toxicologists and microbiologists run studies year after year on food containers to evaluate food safety standards. There are several materials that are currently used for food transportation, including metals, plastics, and paper. Some of these items are made of recycled material, and all must undergo testing for cleanliness.

Worldwide, experts study the safest and most effective materials for transporting certain foods. What may be best for driving apples across the country may not be the best for transporting meats. The type of material a food item is packaged in may also affect the temperature needed to keep it at its freshest. Before packaging any item, it is important to know the best and safest material for that particular food and the temperature at which it should be transported.

All of these factors are checked and accounted for by our partners before the items are loaded onto our refrigerated vehicles. From that point on, it is the responsibility of FreshOne Distribution Services to maintain the necessary temperatures for that particular food’s quality and for the safety of our consumers.

From the moment a product arrives and is placed in the care of FreshOne Distribution Services, we insist on nothing less than safety, quality, and accuracy in our deliveries. Our knowledgable distribution and delivery teams are here to support our partners and their consumers, by making sure freshness comes first!