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Refrigerated Truck Distribution in the Florida Area

FreshOne Distribution Services proudly provides top of the line refrigerated distribution services to multiple areas in Florida. We have the capability to navigate our customers’ needs quickly with our brand new fleet of straight trucks and vans. In Florida and across the country, we guarantee accurate, efficient and timely deliveries and a reliable cold chain through innovative technology. We will be a great fit for Florida Refrigerated Transportation Service needs.

Currently, we serve the areas in and around Jacksonville, Orlando, and Tampa. No matter where you are in Florida, or across the country, FreshOne Distribution will provide the dependable distribution services you desire. We are always open to expansion, so if you don’t see your local area listed, just contact us.

Florida Refrigerated Transport

Room Temperature, Cold  & Frozen Distribution

Customers of FreshOne Distribution receive the advantage of incomparable competence and insight in managing any unique shipping request. We will always get your shipments where they are needed on time at the temperatures required from room temperature to frozen deliveries.

FreshOne Distribution also provides less than truckload services for smaller orders, keeping your costs low. We will also provide scheduled route services for those who need products shipped on a regular route and have no transportation equipment.

Whatever your shipping needs, FreshOne Distribution Services has the best possible solutions for you. We evaluate the unique needs of your business to create customized solutions for transporting your goods anywhere.

Why FreshOne Distribution Service in Florida?

FreshOne Distribution has invested in the best and latest technology for distribution to guarantee the safety of your cargo. We have the Telogis system, hand-held tablets to keep track of cargo temperatures for all drivers and live fleet tracking. With these tools, our clients in Florida and all over the country are able to monitor their own delivery statuses and temperatures during every delivery.

Our customers get peace of mind knowing we ensure that shipment temperatures are maintained adequately in order to protect the quality of their precious cargo. As we add new vehicles to our Florida fleet, we also continue to build on our pride in providing the best for our customers.

Although we specialize in fresh foods, FreshOne Distribution can ship anything, anywhere. We can provide shipping at one specified temperature or multi-temperature loads. Whatever your needs are, just ask.

While we continue to add new vehicles to our Florida fleet, our customers can rest assured that their shipments’ temperatures are maintained and the quality of their products are protected. While we specialize in fresh foods, FreshOne Distribution services can ship anything, especially those products that need to be refrigerated or frozen.

Our Vehicles

Our fleet consists of brand new 2016 Freightliner M2 Business Class trucks with cargo box sizes ranging from 16’ to 26’. Each one is equipped with a Carrier Supra 950 Refrigeration Unit for reliable cold transport. Shipping with FreshOne Distribution even means you will ship your goods with an environmentally friendly conscience. Every one of our trucks is CA Low Emissions Certified!

Each truck has multi-temp capabilities utilizing bulkheads and thermal blankets. This means we are able to ship anything at temperatures from -10 degrees to ambient. We’ve also invested in a complete Telogis system that includes GPS tracking, custom route management and temperature monitoring and recording. This ensures your deliveries will always be properly maintained and delivered where and when you need them whether in Florida or anywhere else in the nation.

  • Brand New Fleet
  • Telogis System
  • Hand Held Tablets
  • GPS Tracking
  • Temperature Monitoring
  • Rigorous Food Safety Standards
  • 24/7 Service Response

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