Technology for Truckers

Here at FreshOne Distribution, we are incredibly proud of the modern technology that we use to deliver fresh and safe food to our clients. Our brand-new fleet of trucks have everything from an impeccable GPS system, handheld tablets, and accurate temperature monitoring for the food we’re delivering. We want to pay homage to some of the high-tech apps out there making the trucking industry easier, safer, and more effective! Here are ten apps for truckers that we think every driver needs in their arsenal.

  1. Trucker Path – Truckers can connect with other truckers by discussing the best truck stops, weigh station statuses, and more!
  2. Jack Reports – Truck drivers will always know where to park their trucks to sleep, where accidents have occurred, where to fuel up, and whether weigh stations are open or not.
  3. Easyfleet – Easyfleet is an easy and reliable way to track and schedule when your truck needs to be washed. Truckers are able to have access to their cleaning certificates, and are notified the moment their trucks are clean!
  4. Co-Pilot Live Truck – This app guides drivers using a voice-guided GPS system while ensuring the route they follow is safe and legal depending on the truck’s size, weight, and load type.
  5. Drivewyze – Drivewyze is the nation’s largest weigh station bypass service, helping truckers “skip the scales.”
  6. FleetSafer Mobile – This app keeps truck drivers and surrounding drivers safe by blocking texts and emails from the driver’s phones and responding with an automated “I’m driving” message.
  7. Trucker Tools – This free app gives truckers access to coupons for more than 5,000 truck stops across the country and shows truck drivers the lowest diesel prices in any given area.
  8. Waze – This is the social networking app for truckers! This helps drivers connect with other drivers. They get real time updates about traffic and share new routes, blocked roads, or detours!
  9. Weather Channel – While this app is great for everyone, it is especially great for truck drivers so they can know exactly what to expect as they plan their traveling day!
  10. iExit – iExit helps truckers know exactly what amenities are coming up at each exit. From restaurants to grocery stores, it’ll name them all!

Stay safe out there and make your next trip a little easier by downloading these apps!